Vasiliki is looking for a Room in Utrecht

Vasiliki is looking for: A Room in Utrecht

  • Room
  • Min. 6 m2
  • Female
  • 17 Immediately

My name is Vasiliki and I'm 21 years old, currently living in Greece but coming to Utrecht in February (1st, to be exact). I was accepted as an exchange student at UU (UMC actually) and I really can't wait to be there!

Now, about me... I'm a smiley girl currently trying to handle working, doing her dissertation and having a social life at the same time. So far I haven't colapsed, so good for me! Anyway, to be brief, I enjoy getting to know new people with different cultural background, finding new places, savoring every moment I live (especially in Utrecht) and in my free time i watch tv series (and write articles about them), I grab cup(s) of coffee with my friends, join Erasmus events, play D&D (a geeky game but anyway) and ocassionally study.

General information: Vasiliki
  Female, 25 years old
Type of tenant: Student
  4th study year Biology (University)