Emelie zoekt een Kamer / Studio / Appartement in Utrecht

Emelie zoekt: Een Kamer / Studio / Appartement in Utrecht

  • Kamer / Studio / Appartement
  • Min. 6 m2
  • Vrouw
  • 25 Per direct

My name is Emelie Larm and I'm 27 years old. I'm from Sweden but recently moved to Utrecht. I graduated from university in June and now I'm going to start an full-time internship in online marketing. That's why I'm looking for a place to stay at in Utrecht. My internship will start in September and end in the end of March.

I consider myself to be an easy going person that is social but still respecting others privacy. For the last five years, I have mainly been living in shared apartments. I really appreciated this since I always had some company, to share a meal or maybe watching a movie together. Of course I also learnt the importance of giving each other enough space and alone time. For the last six months, I had my own apartment in Sweden, and I also enjoyed to have my own place.

I like to keep it clean around me and create a nice atmosphere in my house. I'm not a party person and I don't smoke, but I can enjoy a glass of wine sometimes. I really like to cook and bake, and of course I'll share my sweet creations with my flatmates! Apart from this, I like to work out and go for outdoor activities like hiking.

I also have a lot of travel experience and I really like to talk to people from different cultures. I think it would be even more interesting to live with people from different countries!

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  Vrouw, 30 jaar