Simone zoekt een Appartement/Huurwoning/Kamer/Studio/Woonboot in Utrecht

Simone zoekt: Een Appartement/Huurwoning/Kamer/Studio/Woonboot in Utrecht

  • Appartement / Huurwoning / Kamer / Studio / Woonboot
  • Min. 12 m2
  • Man
  • 04 Per direct

I am Italian and I studied at Utrecht University. I can speak Dutch though I often make little mistakes. I have lived with Dutch flatmates for years.
I already worked out all the cultural differences and I feel well integrated, I can cook stamppot and fry bitterballen or frikandellen for the house parties.
I am always up for a talk, chit-chatting about life and hearing about how was your day.
I like a clean kitchen, I like to do house activities once in a while and play board games.
My greatest quality as flatmate is the multiculturality dimension that I bring,
With me, you can always ask what is the opinion of southern European and taste the Italian cuisine every week.
I hope you will invite me for a coffee and for feeling the good vibes of your place


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  Man, 119 jaar